various brands of conveyor belts and roller conveyors

Home in horticulture!

Whether cuttings to potting, filling rose pots, emptying or putting away cupressus: the years of experience in the horticultural sector Lingeburg BV example aware everything that entails. hoarding crop and internal transportation of horticultural products, with a broad line we can deliver, and experience is Lingeburg BV the right partner, supplier in the total automation of your production line.

Roller conveyors type 30

Roller conveyors 'type 30'

Item-number: 27.MS30.NW


Roller conveyors type 50

Roller conveyors 'type 50'

Item-number: 27.MS50.NW


NEW Conveyor belt

conveyor belt 'Berg Hortimotive'

various sizes and lengths on request

Item-number: 27.BERGTR.NW


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