Hose reel

electric hose reel 'Berg Hortimotive'
Item-number: 15.BERG.ELSLHAS.NW

The hose reels of Berg Hortimotive supplied by Ling Burg have as their primary goal to smooth unwinding of the hose and then back vigorously roll up the hose.
The unwinding of the hose is very light because a magnetic clutch drum allows free rotation.
Behind the hood release by pressing the button again roll the hose through the reel.
This is done through a small transmitter that you carry and a receiver which the reel is mounted .

When paths of more than 50 meters , it is advisable to purchase . Hose guide to

The hose guide explains the hose neatly on the drum , it is to preserve your hose and can thus more snake on your drum .

The roll-up speed can be infinitely controlled by the mechanical variator . If you want a steady roll-up speed of the snake is the speed control solution .

This ensures that , despite the increasing diameter of the coiled tubing on the drum , the " snake speed " remains the same . This allows you to more accurately spray your plants .

The hose reels are available in 24 V , 230 V and 400 V. Standard

For use on a concrete path , the reel with two tires and two casters , one with direction fixing .

To use the reel on an unpaved surface , it is possible to perform with three tires . From the reel

The reels are also successfully applied to water cannons and pipe rail trolleys .

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