Berg Hortimotive

Customized work as basis.

Each grower has their own vision of its business. Thus, each grower other demands on the internal logistics. It is the basis for the way of working of 'Berg Hortimotive' and Lingeburg BV. Customization is thus ensured, in line with the growing techniques and the management of you as an entrepreneur. At an early stage, the efficiency of logistics systems are optimized. Experienced as we are, we can bring essential skills at the start of a project. And as we are concerned, we ensure that systems do what they should do: every day work without problems. For this is also Lingeburg BV guarantor. at local level, the implementation and maintenance cost.

So you are assured of service.

Roses harvest trolley

Roses harvest - pipe trail- trolley

(automatic guided vehicle)

Item-number: 23.BERGROOOG.NW


Intern transport equipment

transport equipment ' Mountain Hortimotive Benomic AGV'

"Automatic Guided Vehicle "
for harvesting and transporting tomatoes and peppers .

Item-number: 23.BERG.BENAGV.NW


Bucket filler

bucket filler 'Berg Hortimotive B-Flowfill' vertical model

Item-number: 5.BERG.B-FLOWFILL.NW


electro tractor / truck pull

electro tractor / truck pull 'Berg Hortimotive BeTrac'

type 1-2-4 NEW avalible

Item-number: 23.BERG.BETRAC.NW


Hose reel

electric hose reel 'Berg Hortimotive'

Item-number: 15.BERG.ELSLHAS.NW


NEW Conveyor belt

conveyor belt 'Berg Hortimotive'

various sizes and lengths on request

Item-number: 27.BERGTR.NW


Piperail-working platform

piperail-working platform 'Berg Hortimotive'

'Benomic' type 2-3-4

Item-number: 23.BERG.BEN.NW


electric trolley

electric trolley 'Berg Hortimotive'

'B-troley AGV = “automated guided vehicle'

Item-number: 23.BERG.BTROLEY.NW


Intern transport equipment

transport equipment 'Berg Hortimotive'

various designs sizes and specifications as possible.

Item-number: 23.BERG.TRW.NW


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