Crop protection

Hier vind u alles op het gebied van gewasbestrijdingsapparatuur

LVM, Empas FANMAST, Pulsefog, Dynafog, sulfur evaporators and various pumps..
The machinery and equipment are technically checked and tested by our technicians.

Spray wagons

Hier vind u alles op het gebied van spuitwagens

Lingeburg B.V. has several spray wagons of the brands Empas, Douven and Maasmond in stock.

Available from 200 to 1000 liters.
We deliver the spray wagons if required complete with reel, hose and spraying pistol.

Hose reels

Hier vind u alles op het gebied van slanghaspels en slangoprollers

Hose reels of the brands Empas and Berg Product / Berg Hortimotive.

Lingeburg BV delivers spring reels, hand reels and reels transmitter complete with hose and spray gun.



Here you will find various pumps both plunger and membrame pumps. Brands like: 'Beukel Bertolini', 'Brinkman', 'Empas Bertolini', 'Annovi reverberri'

LVM / Fog / H2O


LVM, Empas Fanmast, Pulsfog, Dynafog, including the brands Brinkman and Maasmond are regularly in stock at Lingeburg BV

Potting machines

Hier vind u alles op het gebied vanOppotmachines en aanverwanten

All in potting machines and related has Lingeburg BV in stock. Brands such 'Javo type standard and super' are regularly offered at competitive prices.

All potting machines are checked and / or revised in consultation on site delivered with 1 year warranty. 

Containers / flower pots and trays

Hier vind u alles op het gebied van potten, fust en trays

Thousands of containers / pots and trays in stock. Regularly changing stock for 10-12-20 liters. Ask us your preference of size and / or liters. We can always meet up to your needs.

We also regularly ask Librabakken for purchase. Do you have large quantities? Please contact us!

Heaters and fans


Greenhouse heaters and air circulation fans.
Available in several types and sizes.

Conveyor belts and Roller conveyors


- Potplant conveyor belts - Used and NEW
- Collecting conveyor belts
- Roller conveyor belts - Used an NEW


Conveyor belts


- Pot conveyor belts - NEW and Used in various sizes
  Brands: Javo, Heto, Martin Stolze and Wevab

- Conveyor belts - In different sizes available
- Buffer conveyor belts - New and Used in various sizes

Roller conveyors


- Roller conveyors - NEW and Used in various sizes

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