NEW Conveyor belt

conveyor belt 'Berg Hortimotive'

various sizes and lengths on request
Item-number: 27.BERGTR.NW

The art of leaving things out can be seen with the patented BergBand System.

The BergBand System is the latest generation of conveyor belt systems where the special belt lies directly on the base and standard conveyor belt components such as bearings, cylinders and supporting structures are no longer required. The BergBand can transport different types of pot plants, trays or other products from the greenhouse. The horticulture sector is undergoing rapid changes.
The BergBand System is in perfect harmony with this trend, ensuring the cheapest form of transportation for pot plants from the production greenhouse.
The BergBand System has the following features:

  • The concrete pathway remains free 
  • Competitively priced with respect to other conveyor technologies 
  • Also suitable for existing production 
  • Can be connected to existing conveyor systems 
  • Possible to computerize in phases 
  • No heavy lifting involved in moving the belts


The BergBand system is of modular construction and can be assembled according to individual requirements. 

All pot sizes from 10 cm can be transported.
The width and length of the belt can be adjusted to suit. The BergBand can be connected to a camera sorting system, so that a link between the production floor and the sorting systems can be realized.

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