Crop protection

Hier vind u alles op het gebied van gewasbestrijdingsapparatuur

LVM, Empas FANMAST, Pulsefog, Dynafog, sulfur evaporators and various pumps..
The machinery and equipment are technically checked and tested by our technicians.

Spray wagons

Hier vind u alles op het gebied van spuitwagens

Lingeburg B.V. has several spray wagons of the brands Empas, Douven and Maasmond in stock.

Available from 200 to 1000 liters.
We deliver the spray wagons if required complete with reel, hose and spraying pistol.

Hose reels

Hier vind u alles op het gebied van slanghaspels en slangoprollers

Hose reels of the brands Empas and Berg Product / Berg Hortimotive.

Lingeburg BV delivers spring reels, hand reels and reels transmitter complete with hose and spray gun.



Here you will find various pumps both plunger and membrame pumps. Brands like: 'Beukel Bertolini', 'Brinkman', 'Empas Bertolini', 'Annovi reverberri'

LVM / Fog / H2O


LVM, Empas Fanmast, Pulsfog, Dynafog, including the brands Brinkman and Maasmond are regularly in stock at Lingeburg BV

Electro cars

Hier vind u alles op het gebied van electrowagens

Easily through a greenhouse back and forth with goods or persons. The electric cars from Lingeburg BV will certainly succeed.

All electric cars are if applicable with new batteries. And of course checked!

Internal transport

Hier vind u alles op het gebied van (intern) transport

Here you will find everything for handling such crop-cars, monorail hooks, trolleys, plateaus. But also forklift trucks, plantcariers and pallet wagons. Brands such as Prince, Jungheinrich.

Everything for arranging for the greenhouse for agriculture and horticulture can find Lingeburg.

For conveyors and roller conveyors is an additional category created for a direct link, click here.

Tillage machines

In deze rubriek vind u alles op het gebied van grondverwerking

All machines in the field of tillage on stock you can find here.

From rock solid to younger machines. It is the older machines are extremely solid. Do not be put off by a year o.i.d.

Lingeburg BV delivers all tillage machines overhauled and / or checked with 1 year warranty.

Weighting devices

Hier vind u alles op het gebied van wegapparatuur

The weighing of goods in the greenhouse construction is sometimes indispensable. This weighing of seeds or other products should be exactly happen.

Lingeburg BV has a good range of scales, each of which neat, clean and precise weighing. To any weight we have a model.

Forklift and lifting equipment

Hier vind u alles op het gebied van heftrucks en hefgereedschap

If an item is too big or too heavy? With a forklift or pallet-jack from Lingenburg it will succeed to lift it easily.

Lingenburg BV has lifting gear for all kinds of prizes available. All forklifts or pallet-jacks works fine and have proven service.  Some machines/items are used to see, but dont be put off; because the prices therefor adjusted.

Heaters and fans


Greenhouse heaters and air circulation fans.
Available in several types and sizes.

Conveyor belts and Roller conveyors


- Potplant conveyor belts - Used and NEW
- Collecting conveyor belts
- Roller conveyor belts - Used an NEW


Conveyor belts


- Pot conveyor belts - NEW and Used in various sizes
  Brands: Javo, Heto, Martin Stolze and Wevab

- Conveyor belts - In different sizes available
- Buffer conveyor belts - New and Used in various sizes

Roller conveyors


- Roller conveyors - NEW and Used in various sizes

Sweepers and cleaning machines

Hier vind u alles op het gebied van bladblazers en veegmachines

The workplace must be clean. With sweeping - and leaf blowers is your greenhouse or outdoor area as clean and tidy.

Lingeburg BV has a wide range of sweeping and leaf blowers from brands like Hako, Verhage Leiden, Shindaiwa and Prince Fellow



Waste? Where to put you think?


With chippers or shredders from Lingeburg BV you are certainly a lot of mass lost. You terrain remains clean and therefore safe workable!

Generators / CHP / (power-) electricity

Hier vind u alles op het gebied van aggregaten

For emergency power has Lingeburg BV various units in stock. With a standby generator of Lingeburg BV never need your business have to shut down.



Lingeburg BV has regularly a wide range of compressors for any purpose. Various contents and sizes of compressors brands such as: Airpress, Creemers, Ingersollrand on stock.

All compressors are clean and tidy.


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Many items we sell are classified within a category. Ling Burg also has many items that are not clear or not under a category.

Here is the category 'various' divised for. When you look in this category and be surprised by our extensive stock of all kinds!

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