Indal Optipar 1000 Watt

'Indal Optipar 1000 Watt' Industria assimilation lighting
Item-number: 1.ind1000.1214.C..
The Optipar luminaire is modern, smooth shaped and has a compact construction that makes it possible to integrate seamlessly into its environment and minimises daylight interception.
The aluminium used and its typical shape closely match the current needs in Horticultural lighting.

The gear compartment is dust and waterproof (IP 65) for protection of the electronic gear. Housing in die-cast aluminium. Cooling fins for optimum heat dissipation (ambient temperature max. 40°C). LED indicator for electronic gear and lamp status.
The reflector for the 1000W lamps guarantee high light output in addition to the energy efficient electronic gear, whichwas specifically designed for these lamp.
The open structure of the reflector creates a constant air circulation, that cools the IRS reflector.
The lamp compartment tool-less accessible for simple and safe installation and replacement of lamps via the lamp holder withpatented Easy Twist technology.

Gear Philips GreenVision 1000W, power consumption max. 1040 (ST-1000).
Constant Power Factor for both lamps (PF 0.98) gives a minimum difference between apparent and real power consumption.
This provides up to 20% more efficient operation of the power supply. Supply current for 1000W is 2.61 Ampere, frequency 50/60Hz (min. 47.5Hz - max. 63Hz).
Power losses in the cable are compensated, so all lamps generate the same light output and lamp overvoltage is prevented.
400V mains voltage gives lower costs since there is no need for a neutral or a compensationfilter.  Cable connection via junction box and flexible cable connector. Any connection position, up to 50cm to the left or right of the junction box, can be achieved via the flexible cable.
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