Agrolux armature

Agrolux ALF 1000 2.1

1000 watt 400 volt
Item-number: 1.Agr.ALF1000 2.1.NW

The ALF1000 2.1 is completely new.
The electronic switch lighting fixture is provided with own or Philips Electronics, a semi-open reflector with heat shield and a double ended 1000 watt lamp AuvL or Philips.
The ALF1000 2.1 housings are made of powder-coated white aluminum and extremely compact design.
By making use of energy-efficient electronics, a large finned surface and a heat shield remains particularly cool completely .

First Circuit:

The ALF1000 2.1 luminaires are equipped with an electronic ballast upstream.
Characteristic of the ALF1000 2.1 is the special position of the electronic ballast ballast.
The applied electronic ballast is equipped with a surge protector , so that any damage caused by overvoltage
belongs to the past . Even with fluctuating voltage electronics ensures a constant output.
Agrolux uses proprietary Philips electronic ballasts or drivers.


reflector :

The applied reflector system is closed. Reflector system provides the semi-closed application that the bulb temperature is not too far to walk (about 500 degrees ) .
Namely high lamp temperatures ( 550 + ) provide an accelerated wear of the lamp.
The reflector system is made from a specially treated aluminum alloy type MIRO 9. The light reflectance of the material is 95%.
By the applied hammer pattern is equality of the reflector system is perfect and the radiation penetrates deep into the crop.
In order to ensure that the electronics is cool , there is also a heat shield is mounted on the reflector.
The reflector was developed in Germany and is also manufactured in Germany.
The reflector can be dismantled very quickly and make it clean.


The lamps used are from the German manufacturer Advanced UV Light ( AUVL ) or Philips.
The lamps are available in the so-called double ended version.
There is also a guarantee issued by four years with a maximum of 10,000 hours in these 4 years ( whichever occurs first) .
The Philips bulb 1000w AUVL and are interchangeable.


Installation of fixtures :

The installation of the luminaires is very simple.
All our fittings are marked with the Wieland connector system.
This dust and waterproof Plug & Play system makes installation faster and more secure.
All fittings are supplied with low inrush current ( inrush current ) . The inrush current is the peak pressure that occurs when you start an installation.
By working with a low inrush current , it is possible to work . With cheaper switching material

The first ALF1000 fixtures are mounted in 2008. The failure rate after completion is < 2 % on an annual basis.
If you want a list of references have email us here.

The ALF1000 2.1 fittings are approved to UL , EN 60598-1:2004 , EN 61347-1:2008 , EN61347 - 2-9 : 2001 + A1 : 2003 + A2 , 2006.
Also, the fixtures have CE mark and comply with all other relevant requirements including EMC .

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