Agrolux armature

Agrolux ALF 750
750 watt 400 volt
Item-number: 1.Agr.ALF750.NW

This 400 volt series is characterized by modern and compact design. housing:
ALF750 The housings are made of powder-coated white aluminum and extremely compact design.
By using energy-efficient electronics and cooling fins on the housing using the electronics remains very cool .


First Circuit:

The ALF750 fixtures feature an American electronic switching ballast.
The applied electronic ballast is equipped with a surge protector , and is characterized by low inrush current ( inrush current ) . The inrush current is the peak load that occurs when you start an installation.
By working with a low inrush current , it is possible to work (identical to Philips). With less switching material
Even with fluctuating voltage electronics ensures a constant output .



The lamps used are of the brand General Electric ( GE). reflector :
The closed midi reflector system is made from a specially treated aluminum alloy type MIRO 9. The light reflectance of the material is 95%.
By the applied hammer pattern is equality of the reflector system is perfect and the radiation penetrates deep into the crop.
The reflectors are dismantled very quickly and make amends. Automatically clean Installation of fixtures:
The installation of the luminaires is extremely simple . All our fittings are marked with the Wieland connector system.
This dust and waterproof Plug & Play system makes installation faster and more secure.


inspections :

The ALF750 fixtures are tested in accordance with EN 60598-1:2004 , EN 61347-1:2008 , EN61347 - 2-9 : 2001 + A1 : 2003 + A2 , 2006.
Also, the fixtures have CE mark and comply with all other relevant requirements including EMC .

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