Empas Ltd. is a leader in the production and trade of spray equipment. These products find their way into the greenhouse through and by Lingeburg BV.
Lingeburg delivers nearly all used Empas products and all products from Empas, new so unused.

spray cart with 100 liter tank

3-wheel motorised spray cart with tow bar and 100-litre tank


various models for any purpose

Item-number: 16.EMPAS.SPW100.NW


Electrical reels

Electrical reels 'Empas'

several models

Item-number: 15.EMPAS.ELHASP.NW


Spring-operated reels

self-rewinding spring-operated reels 'Empas'

various models, various hose lengths

Item-number: 15.EMPASHASP.NW


spray cart with 200-750 liter tank

spray cart with 200-750 liter tank 'Empas'

with diaphragm or piston pump, gasoline or electric

Item-number: 16.EMPAS.SPW200-750.NW


Hoge drukspuit

Hoge drukspuit 'Empas'

Item-number: 16.EMPAS.HGDRSP.NW


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