Flowers handling machines

To maintain optimum quality flowers after harvest transported as quickly as possible to the flowers sorting area.

The flowers machine processing of, for example BTM, Olimex and vd. Berg they sorted by quality and flower size and then bunched (eg 5 flowers per bunch). Full buckets go on auction carts. These flowers processing machines or Flowers handling machines are available at Lingeburg BV.

Flower bunchingmachines


Flowers bunching lines of the brands v.d. Berg / Bercomex, Olimex and BTM from stock.

The flowers bunching lines are available in various lengths with saw, de-leafing machine and one or two binding machines.
The bunches with flowers will be cut, de-leafed and binded.
The completed bunches will be collected on a collecting conveyor belt.

The machines are fully reconditioned and will be technically checked and tested by our mechanics.

Collecting conveyor belts


To collect the flowers Lingeburg has several collecting conveyor belts in stock.
These conveyor belts are to put behind a flower bunching machine,
a flower harvesting machine, a tulip de-bulbing machine or a rose wrapping machine.
In several sizes available.

Brands as v.d. Berg / Bercomex, BTM, Potveer en Aweta.

Leaf stripper


Looking for used defoliate machine or leaf stripper ? Lingeburg BV has used different leaf strippers for sale. To defoliate and / or dispose of thorns of your flower branches. Options: Single or Dual leaf strippers. Brands we offer are Olimex, van den Berg and some other brands.


Hier vind u alles op het gebied van oogstmachines

Everything for harvesting your flowers.

Chrysanthemums cutters and harvesting lines.

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