Flowers handling machines

Hier vind u alles op het gebied van bloemenboslijnen en bijartikelen

To maintain optimum quality flowers after harvest transported as quickly as possible to the flowers sorting area.

The flowers machine processing of, for example BTM, Olimex and vd. Berg they sorted by quality and flower size and then bunched (eg 5 flowers per bunch). Full buckets go on auction carts. These flowers processing machines or Flowers handling machines are available at Lingeburg BV.

Flower bunchingmachines


Flowers bunching lines of the brands v.d. Berg / Bercomex, Olimex and BTM from stock.

The flowers bunching lines are available in various lengths with saw, de-leafing machine and one or two binding machines.
The bunches with flowers will be cut, de-leafed and binded.
The completed bunches will be collected on a collecting conveyor belt.

The machines are fully reconditioned and will be technically checked and tested by our mechanics.

Collecting conveyor belts


To collect the flowers Lingeburg has several collecting conveyor belts in stock.
These conveyor belts are to put behind a flower bunching machine,
a flower harvesting machine, a tulip de-bulbing machine or a rose wrapping machine.
In several sizes available.

Brands as v.d. Berg / Bercomex, BTM, Potveer en Aweta.

Leaf stripper


Looking for used defoliate machine or leaf stripper ? Lingeburg BV has used different leaf strippers for sale. To defoliate and / or dispose of thorns of your flower branches. Options: Single or Dual leaf strippers. Brands we offer are Olimex, van den Berg and some other brands.


Hier vind u alles op het gebied van oogstmachines

Everything for harvesting your flowers.

Chrysanthemums cutters and harvesting lines.

Crop protection

Hier vind u alles op het gebied van gewasbestrijdingsapparatuur

LVM, Empas FANMAST, Pulsefog, Dynafog, sulfur evaporators and various pumps..
The machinery and equipment are technically checked and tested by our technicians.

Spray wagons

Hier vind u alles op het gebied van spuitwagens

Lingeburg B.V. has several spray wagons of the brands Empas, Douven and Maasmond in stock.

Available from 200 to 1000 liters.
We deliver the spray wagons if required complete with reel, hose and spraying pistol.

Hose reels

Hier vind u alles op het gebied van slanghaspels en slangoprollers

Hose reels of the brands Empas and Berg Product / Berg Hortimotive.

Lingeburg BV delivers spring reels, hand reels and reels transmitter complete with hose and spray gun.



Here you will find various pumps both plunger and membrame pumps. Brands like: 'Beukel Bertolini', 'Brinkman', 'Empas Bertolini', 'Annovi reverberri'

LVM / Fog / H2O


LVM, Empas Fanmast, Pulsfog, Dynafog, including the brands Brinkman and Maasmond are regularly in stock at Lingeburg BV

Roses Processing Machinery

Hier vind u alles op het gebied van rozenverwerkingsmachines

All kinds of machinery for the rose grower are among this group organized. Inter alia, rose processing machine(s), and all relatives. Lingeburg has for the rose grower a wide range and is at this specialized. Aweta and Olimex are well represented.

For rose packers has Lingeburg BV another group created.

Export is, of course, possible. Lingeburg BV can optionally arrange everything for you with importpapers and freight up to the end address. Installation at your location is to discuss the final option.

All machines are checked, if necessary overhauled and broken parts replaced. This allows Lingeburg BV to give a one year warranty on your purchased machine.

Specialy for you as proffesional we made a Roses special check this out and learn more about the Aweta Rose machinery and Lingeburg B.V. Don't hesitate to contact us with your questions

Rose sorting- and bunching machines


Rose bunching machines of the brands Aweta, Jamafa and Olimex from stock.

The roses are sorted by length, stem thickness and optional on ripeness of the rosebud.

After sorting, the roses are bunched on the required quantity of roses and then cut to the same length.
After the bunches of roses come out of the machine the roses can be wrapped with plastic wrap foil by a packing machine.
The roses bunching machines can be supplied with a semi-automatic or fully automatic roses wrapping machine.

The rose bunching machines are completely overhauled  and will be installed on site. With warranty!

We made a Roses special check this out and learn more about the Aweta Rose machinery

Roses wrapping machines

Hier vind u alles op het gebied van Rozeninpakmachines / rozeninpakkers

Roses packaging machines of the brands Aweta, Jamafa and Olimex. This rose packers are fully operational delivered on request and if required assembled on site.
The packaging machines operates as stand-alone, but also can be used full-automatically in combination with a rose bunching machine.

For the roses packaging machines of the brands Aweta we made a beautiful brochure So check it here and learn more for you benefit 


miscellaneous for the roses processing


Some items with or without plug we can not divide by definition in roses processing machines ... Therefore, an additional category of miscellaneous such as:

roses vibrating devices, harvest wagons, water carts, and relatives of the brand including 'De Vette' and Jamafa


Hier vind u alles op het gebied van emmervullers

Bucketfillers sutch the 'BTM 600' is a regular item sold at Lingeburg BV

Of course we can offer the most ideal setup for you on request. Contact Lingeburg BV for a right bucket fill formation.

Length sorting machines

Lengtesorteerders van de merken Jamafa en Olimex

Length sorting machines of the brands Jamafa and Olimex. 

These machines sorts several kind of flowers by length.
The machines are availabe in 5 to 7 sorting sections

Binding machines

Hier vind u alles op het gebied van binders / indermachines

Binding machines of the brands Cyklop, v.d.Berg and Olimex / Bercomex

Lingeburg BV has always binding machines available. Always with warranty!
As a stand-alone or suitable for a flower bunchingline.

Heaters and fans


Greenhouse heaters and air circulation fans.
Available in several types and sizes.

Conveyor belts and Roller conveyors


- Potplant conveyor belts - Used and NEW
- Collecting conveyor belts
- Roller conveyor belts - Used an NEW


Conveyor belts


- Pot conveyor belts - NEW and Used in various sizes
  Brands: Javo, Heto, Martin Stolze and Wevab

- Conveyor belts - In different sizes available
- Buffer conveyor belts - New and Used in various sizes

Roller conveyors


- Roller conveyors - NEW and Used in various sizes

Cultivation systems

  • Gutters
  • Cultivation Plates
  • Pipe rail supports

Flower nets and supporting material

Hier vind u alles op het gebied van gaas en steunmaterialen

Flowers nets in various types and sizes.

T-supports and supports with clip

Bulbs cultivation

Hier vind u alles op het gebied van de bollenteelt

In this rubric you can find the machinery and equipment which are used for growing bulbs.
The flowers bunching machines can be found in a separate rubric.



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