DC Container (elastic binder)

DC Container (elastic binder)
Item-number: 3.ECSDCEL.NW

The transport elastic binder is a quality product, applied to the Danish trolley cargo preventive to secure against falling, during or after transport.  

The transport elastic is made from an industrial rubber and is provided with two S-hooks. The elastic can tap at any altitude. Between the uprights of the Danish trolley The length of the elastic is matched to the width of the Danish trolley (tension ± 2Kg). 


Elastic 20cm 

Elastic 57 cm 1x Elastic 40 cm (effective length is 57 cm in tension of ± 2 kg) 

Elastic Elastic 1x 135 cm (effective length is 135 cm in tension of 2, 6 or 10 Kg)

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