DC-Container (shelf)

DC Container (shelf / plateau)
Shelf: L x W (inner) = 127cm x 55cm
Item-number: 2.ECS.DCPL.NW

The shelf or plateau can be installed without tools in seconds and can be assembled into a transport or storage unit, and can be increased simply by adding additional shelves and / or to increase its extensions. Danish trolley 

The plates are manufactured from hot-dipped galvanized angles and waterproof plywood (5 layers). Thus, they are resistant to all kinds of weather. 


Intermediate (stacking) height at 1-10 shelves: 

Base (base) + 

  • 1x shelf (80cm) 
  • 2x shelf (55cm) 
  • 3x shelf (40cm) 
  • 4x shelf (35cm) 
  • 5x shelf (30cm) 
  • 6x shelf (25cm) 
  • 8x shelf (20cm) 
  • 9x shelf (15cm)
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