Intern transport equipment

transport equipment 'Berg Hortimotive'

various designs sizes and specifications as possible.
Item-number: 23.BERG.TRW.NW

Whether it comes to cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, gerberas, potted plants, anthuriums and roses, for any crop yields Lingeburg BV can deliver everything for the horticulture. 


Many versions available

The middle wheels of around 200 mm with aluminum rims are nearly indestructible in normal use.
The steel trolleys , these wheels even in the longitudinal direction of the adjustable carriage!
Allows you to define the behavior of the cars themselves! The casters are absolutely high quality and calculated on the heavy load on the car.
The trolleys are often used as the basis for various options for different crops .

For a vine tomatoes harvestrack with rollers, cucumbers a car with shelf and push handle for peppers under a looser, gerberas for a rack for the buckets and so on.


The steel wagons are in many designs and lengths.

Do you want a slap or sliding triangle triangle , pallet wheels with wheel bearings or flanged wheels? You name it , any combination is possible.
However, we strive for standardization related to automation, cost reduction and subsequent orders.
Mountain Hortimotive also make various customized special trolleys.

Some examples : detachable pallet trucks pallet wagons for plastic bins 100 cm x 120 cm , trolleys for central sorting projects, etc.

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