Bucket filler

bucket filler 'Berg Hortimotive B-Flowfill' vertical model
Item-number: 5.BERG.B-FLOWFILL.NW

The container filler or bucket filler newly available through Lingeburg BV is designed for automatic filling of buckets and flower containers.
The container filler is very easy to operate and provides a substantial labor savings and is made to be extreme use.
Automating filling containers with water is not a luxury . Mountain Hortimotive container filler to be delivered by Ling Burg BV has been specially developed for the automatic filling of buckets and flower containers with water supplemented with a pretreatment agent.
The procedure is as follows : placing a stack of about 15 containers on the galvanized lift platform.

The elevator moves the stack up to the ideal fill level is reached. Then the flexible hose fills the container.
When you remove the container elevator lifts the stack again for the ideal working height and directly fills the next container.
The filling capacity is about 100 containers per hour , so you can have . Constantly filled containers The container filler is also available with a roller conveyor . Out on request

The B - Flow Fill is carried out with a flow meter and available with or without a dosing pump.
The meter allows for the precise content of the bucket or container flowers even in pressure in the water system.
This combined with a dosing pump for the pretreatment agent ensures that you always fill with an optimum ratio.
The settings of the flow meter and metering are easy to perform and clearly described in the manual.

They have been adopted simply to be linked. To the normal water supply

The container filler is partly because, thanks to the castors and easy to move.

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