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transport equipment ' Mountain Hortimotive Benomic AGV'

"Automatic Guided Vehicle "
for harvesting and transporting tomatoes and peppers .
Item-number: 23.BERG.BENAGV.NW

Automatically moving car is mainly used for harvesting and transporting tomatoes and peppers.

The AGV acronym stands for "Automatic Guided Vehicle " . The choice of an AGV or a standard car 's harvest depends on many factors .
Want to know what it is to make an appointment so we can appropriate advice the best choice for you geven.De AGV undercarriage is almost standard for each crop.

Depending on the application a choice is made for a harvestrack, a container, a hydraulic shear , or a combination of these options.
The Benomic - AGV find her way using induction technology . In the path , a cable routed and the AGV is equipped with a steering wheel with an inductive sensor.
While driving the car the steering wheel , the cable will follow in the path and bring the car to the correct position.
This technique gives us many more options than before.

By milling various cables any Headings can be made and by sensors in the path to drill the AGV can either stop, slow down or speed up.

The Benomic AGV - steers with a wheel , right under the car . This is an extremely small turning circle which gives a lot of benefits to the concrete and in the operating room.
This makes the car easy to clean and maintain . No bolts , edges , corners, or holes where dirt remains lingers behind. Sit or Crop also experiencing no more damage from sharp corners or edges.

A strong scissors that using weighted hydraulic cylinders has an enormous lifting power . The maximum capacity is approximately 500 kg .

Service and maintenance can now be granted easier because all components are under one cover.

The Benomic - AGV features the familiar differential and drive motor which Berg Hortimotive years good experiences heeft.De B - transport trolley is an automatic pick for car include the peppers . The trolley is available with vane / groove or with induction control . The number of trolleys required is determined by the firm and the number of harvesters you are working with . We charge this for you out .

The base of the B - transport trolley is specially designed for harvesting all common fruit vegetables and cut flowers . The only condition is the presence of tube rail systems in the greenhouse.

When harvesting container is full, the vehicle is automatically sent to the processing area through the concrete .

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